Quartz replica watches and mechanical replica watches have a lot in common

Maybe like me to do this, I think many people see more than mechanical replica watches, quartz watches should not be mentioned, even people are willing to recommend watches, I suggest basic, do not talk a lot of quartz, if you do not wear a replica watch, girls are usually afraid Mechanical fake watch, so I prefer quartz. But today I want to use my limited knowledge, combine historical data and some just talk about quartz watches, which in my opinion may be unpleasant to understand with quartz watches. Quartz replica watches, we usually compare them with cheap replica watches because they are so cheap to sell, and it is easy to say that many people have quartz watches as a child, others - monitors. The cheapest fake watch now sold in stores - mainly quartz replica watches, so many Rolex replica people actually have the illusion that quartz watches are cheap, difficult and not smart. But quartz watches are not always the case. Since the 1970s, more high-grade quartz clocks, and their prices even exceed mechanical replica watches. Now there are some quartz replica watches, they are not cheap and low, but they are very technical.

Speaking of quartz clocks, I think we need to know some basic knowledge about quartz clocks. Essentially, a pointer to a quartz watch has a lot in common with a mechanical watch, except that the power supply is different and even the other parts are different. They walk in the display system with a drive train that also has a generator, and the difference is that the mechanical vibration system of the spring balance counterweight increases the balance and performs the quartz replica watches vibrator. But if you know the structure of the crystal oscillator, you should understand that this is actually a physical resonant frequency device, not the frequency. Therefore, in essence, the quartz oscillator and cycloid are physical replica rolex watches oscillation systems. Another difference is that the mechanical watch is responsible for the transmission of the frequency relationship between the energy and the gear, while the quartz watch charging fee and the shatuyuchyy engine are responsible for the frequency output. Finally, the transmission transmits the frequency of the pointing point of the time. In the ordinary English the same generator is physically, the gearbox internal difference - power, output, quartz gear mechanical clock output frequency exits the engine.

So why is the quartz replica watches more accurate than the mechanical replica watches? Finally, each physical generator. The reason is that the quartz crystal oscillator, which is the internal crystal, can reach the frequency of vibration, much more than the mechanical watch, the mechanical watch can reach the frequency of vibration, now it is usually 3 or 4 grams (ie 21600 VPH or 28800 VPH), 32,768 Hz, a standard quartz fake Rolex resonant frequency of 8000-10000 times more than the mechanical resonant frequency. It is well known that the higher the vibration frequency, the smaller the external impact and the higher the accuracy. Therefore, the ideal mechanical replica watches we see, the difference of 10 seconds is good, the difference of 30 seconds is normal, if there is no certification, you can usually get through a bad day for 5 seconds. For quartz watches, the standard error is plus or minus 15 seconds per month.