Study Apple's technological and technological efforts to develop Apple replica watches

Apple replica watches not only recognizes every touch, but also feels power, opening up new space for the control interface. There are many tiny electrodes around the sensitive Retina screen that force the touch to perceive the urgent and pressing differences, and at any time you need to react, for example, to "information" in the menu or to select the surface of the model. This is a new important new fake watches tangible feature as it applies to many contacts.

Apple discussed the second answer to the human-machine interface, which is Force Touch. It can be seen from Apple's entire system that the concept of interface design is more than the Z-axis provided from shallow to deep, and used as a center to some extent, it is different from Google Maps Android Wear logic. In my opinion, Apple is best suited to the current situation and the future of smart replica rolex development, and Google's idea is more like the art of web design. Pay attention to each interface, beautiful and not practical (imaginary player, this song and a button of songs, according to two interfaces), is a kind of "beautiful", introduced by web design as a poster, media device attention Very very inadequate, very simple and environmentally friendly, even blocking the development of Android Wear, the program deeply buried in the system and using the name of the rough interface described in the interface design does not cause any innovation, if it is still relatively high independence Sex, Google's logical location, informs the device about the system's information. In turn, Apple, although WatchKit, is currently open, looks like a simple tool for Apple Focus and Communication + Tools, the first head is used to let developers who are familiar with the new platform, let the iPhone app Apple pay attention, and The entire system is very independent of the logical fake rolex design, it will open up next year after the development of the place will be easily integrated into a new period, because the state of the program has never been lowered, and this prediction. You can also see that Apple for Apple fake Watch has high hopes for the future.